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Starting in 1960's with a vision of achieving wonders in photography two brothers S.Tejinder Singh and S.Harinder Singh (Hira) started spending several hours in a dark room and developing negative into b/w photographs. They made a remarkable progression by introducing Coloured Video FIRST TIME in Punjab by bringing new techniques and equipments.


  • Wedding SolutionsWe Provide all Pre-Wedding and Wedding Solutions..
  • Photography SolutionsAny type of photography including fashion, advertisments, hospitals, hotels, product shoot and type of photography which suits your requirement is done here..
  • Personalized GiftsYou can choose from various gift items and make them personalized.
  • Models available Perfect models for various type of photography.

In Short About Manmohit Singh Robin

Fashion & Commercial Photographer
Mobile: +91-9855501234
Gold Medallist in Fashion & Commercial Photography (New Delhi).

For Achievements, Honours, Work Experience, Exhibitions & Participations.

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